You Pocket $100,000 Guaranteed, or I’ll pay you the difference!

My name is Al Stasek, CEO and founder of Stasek Real Estate Experts.  Just about every brokerage in town claims to be #1 and have the best agents since sliced bread and blah blah blah.  I don’t believe in any of that egocentric talk, so you won’t read it here or hear it here.  I believe real estate professionals are tired of being part of a traditional brokerage where a status quo performance is awarded.  I believe there are outstanding agents on “teams” that have zero identity and are busy growing their team leaders brand instead of their own.  I believe that growing your business requires a disciplined work ethic, lead generation and conversion systems, the right coaching and mentoring and a high level of accountability.  I also believe it doesn’t need to be guess work.   It should in fact, be FUN!

I have zero interest in recruiting you.  No bullshit statistics to wow you, no $2,000 – 3 piece suit to impress you. If that is what excites you, you are free to contact me but expect me to point you in a different direction.  This company is not for anyone and everyone who’s passed the Ohio Real Estate Exam and can fog a mirror.  I’m interested in partnering with smart, driven leaders who align with our company’s core values and 100/0 Culture. (more on this later)

$100,000/yr Guaranteed!

So what is this guarantee and what is the catch?  No catch. If you qualify and  mutually agree to partner, we sign an agreement with clearly defined expectations.  As long as you keep your end of the bargain you will make $100,000 or more in personal income.  If after 12 months you fall short of your income target of $100,000…I pay you difference.  How am I able to confidently make such a guarantee?  Easy.  First, I built a million dollar plus real estate business in 4 short years.  Second, every listing partner on my team will take home a 6 figure income this year. (4X higher than the average agent will take home in Ohio this year)

Who do you need to be to qualify?

Well, you need to be you, of course.  But it is absolutely essential you believe what we believe and you are in alignment with our core values…here they are…

100/0 – We believe in accepting 100% responsibility in all situations with zero excuses and reject the “victim” mentality. We use 100/0 as our personal filter by asking ourselves “what can i have done differently?”

Do what you say you’re going to do – We believe that “A” players hit their goals. “A”players commit and do what they say they’re going to do.

Laugh & have fun – We believe in smiling and laughing and enjoy what we do and want to share that enthusiasm with others.

Add value, create raving fans – We approach every situation with the mindset of adding value to the lives of our family, friends, clients and community and measure our success by asking “did I add value?”

Believe in yourself and your team – We believe in being selfless leaders that lead by example and trust our teammates. There is no greater honor than serving those who work by our side and have no ego when it comes to helping a member of the team.

Do what you say you are going to do – We believe that “A” players hit their goals. “A” players commit and do what they say they’re going to do.

Be Humble and Coachable – We believe that as individuals, we are limitless and that a team of “A” players can change the world. The number one trait of an “A” player is relentlessly pursuing feedback, being willing to receive it and taking immediate action to improve.

Learn like you’re going to live forever – We believe in the constant pursuit of personal excellence. We do this by seeking the best, to be the best.


So that’s it. Oh and a couple other qualifications. You have to have been licensed for approximately a year and have somewhat of a track record or be able to convince me you’re qualified without that experience level.  And you have be willing to work your face off.  

If you are still reading this and even more excited than when you started reading this webpage please fill out the form to the right, and I’ll see you at the top…or from the top! – Al Stasek

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